Early, 1974.

An idea formed in Michael’s head.

“What if I could bring a new outlook of hairdressing to Peterborough?”

Having moved to London at just 17 years old, Michael managed to secure a job training and working as a mens hairdresser in Mayfair.

London at the time, was the forefront for the modern world and trends were emerging in the city. Women were starting to have short ‘Mod’ hairstyles and the ‘old-fashioned’ hairdressers with their big round brushes couldn’t cut it!  Michael was brave enough as a mens Hairdresser to try these styles that the women were wanting. He soon had the reputation as a Unisex Hairdresser.

Fast forward a couple of years and Michael had moved to Peterborough.  To secure a bit of extra money Michael was also freelancing as a DJ in the surrounding areas, including Stamford.

One Saturday afternoon, Michael was cutting a girls hair. She asked him ‘What are you doing tonight?” He mentioned about DJ-ing in Stamford and she said her and her friend would be there.

This girl was Kris.

Little did they both know, that under the multicoloured lights of The RiverSide Club in Stamford, they would form a connection that would not just end in marriage, but that they would also create a business together.

45 Years later and Michael John Hair Artwork is still going.

Mick and Kris are still the integral part of the business along with their daughter Amber, who is learning to take over the helm.

This little independent salon that started with Michael as a stylist and Kris on Reception, now has 13 Stylists, 11 Apprentices, a Receptionist and a Training Academy for our own apprentices, that also offers other stylists from different salons the opportunity to expand on the craft.

To celebrate the last 45 years we are throwing a party!

There will be huge discounts, new jewellery on display, complimentary cocktails and treats and prizes to be won!

We invite all our friends and clients from over the years to come and celebrate our 45th anniversary with us on Friday 29th November from 5.30pm – 8.30pm at the salon.

Cheers to the last 45 years and here’s to many more!