One For The Men

There’s no denying it…

Male grooming is becoming one of the quickest growing beauty industries!

Whether you believe it or not, there will be something out there to help you feel your best self!

One For The Men Michael John Hair Artwork

Mr Wash ‘n’ Go

We all know him, this is the man who has never paid much mind to what product(s) he is using, but hopefully this changes now. No more using your partners professional shampoos and conditioners or reaching for the shower gel to give your hair a wash. Read on for my breakdown of a routine so quick and easy that “even a man could do it”.

For this man, I would personally recommend System Professional Mens Triple Shampoo RRP- £18.80 

One For The Men Michael John Hair Artwork

This shampoo has a fragrance that is subtle and goes hand in hand with a variety of aftershaves, the product is also intended for hair, beard (face) and body so it really is a one for all, balancing the skin and scalps pH back to intended levels.

The Silver Fox

If your hair is beginning to grey, do not worry, recently silver shampoos have flooded the market so we now have a shampoo for the more “distinguished” gentleman, this is System Professional Silver Shampoo RRP – £18.80. 

One For The Men Michael John Hair Artwork

This shampoo is brilliant at softening and smoothing coarser grey hairs but also neutralises any yellow or warmer tones through out the hair, leaving you with a smoother sophisticated look.

Mr Pamper

Facial products aren’t just for women! The Modern man knows that everybody sees your face – from family, colleagues and business customers. It is important to protect your face from the pollutants in the air and the UV rays from the sun. I would recommend Elemis Deep-Cleanse Facial Wash RRP – £22.00. 

One For The Men Michael John Hair Artwork

Wash with warm water, this will help to open the pores, removing dirt and oils whilst also allowing for a closer shave. If you are a man who clean shaves, now is the time to do so, apply your shaving foam over the whole face and shave following the grain of the hair, NEVER against. As the hairs are already lifted from washing shaving will be far easier and cleaner to do now. Following this it is now time to moisturise, apply straight from the container to your face to avoid product being wasted on your palms, rub in evenly all over. 

Your face will thank you, and probably your wife or girlfriend too!

The Ladies Man

Fragrance.  The ladies man knows how woman love a man that smells nice! It is one thing that just can’t be ignored, how we smell. As I am sure you know products sell on their fragrance alone, and the same applies to you. I personally recommend System Professional Men’s Hair and Beard Oil. 

One For The Men Michael John Hair Artwork

This product contains anti-ageing ingredients and will also help to soothe any irritation from shaving – this product is quite strong in fragrance so can be used alone in place of an aftershave or in combination with. It will certainly have the ladies taking a second look!

There is a product for every type of man!

Why not come into salon and our stylists can help find the right product for you!